Why is this Montgomery transport bus still on the road?

A bus carrying students from Montgomery High School is still on a busy route in the Montgomery Metro system, but Montgomery officials say the bus is not a priority because of the safety concerns surrounding the incident.

Montgomery officials released a video Wednesday that shows the bus still stuck on the southbound lanes of I-270.

Montgomery Public Safety Department spokesman Mike Jones says the bus, which was traveling in the westbound lanes, was travelling at the slowest speed of the day when the driver decided to turn around and speed up.

He says there was no evidence that the bus was a collision risk.

“As of this morning, we have received no reports of any collisions,” Jones said.

“We are working to get those reports and to get that information to our staff so that they can provide a report.”

The Montgomery Metro bus was travelling on I-70 eastbound and southbound at about 10:15 a.m. on Tuesday, according to Montgomery Police.

It was stopped at a light for a red light.

It remained on the west side of the road for about four minutes, then went into a curve.

Montgomery police said the bus then went to the south side of I and was turned onto southbound I-265 and onto the south end of the bridge.

A Montgomery Police helicopter then picked up the bus and the driver was taken into custody.

He told officers that he had stopped at the light because he was worried about the speed of his vehicle and the lights were not working, police said.

Police said the driver of the bus continued to make the wrong turn onto the freeway, and the bus hit a concrete barrier and a guardrail and the windshield broke off.

Jones said a Montgomery police officer who was on the bus reported seeing the driver “walking” and then saw the driver making a left turn.

The bus was on its way to the Montgomery Public Library.

Montgomery Police said it was not known if the driver has been charged.

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