How to Get Your Horse to the Horse Slaughterhouse

How to Get Your Horse to the Horse Slaughterhouse

A couple weeks ago, I was at the St. Louis Zoo and Aquarium in the U.S.A. to speak about the new study of horse slaughterhouse conditions that I’d been commissioned by the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

I was excited to see the new research about horse slaughterhouses, but my excitement quickly turned to sadness when I saw the new results from a new study on horse transportation.

The new study is based on an investigation by the Humane Society of the United States that found that horse transport was less safe than that of cattle in general.

It found that the U,S.

is not only the only country that uses horses for transport, it is also the only one that does so at the expense of people and animals.

“The evidence from this study indicates that horses used to be used for horse transportation are a valuable resource for people to use as they please, but when they are used as a source of food, they are more vulnerable to disease,” Humane Society president David L. Phillips said in a statement.

The Humane Society has been calling for a ban on horse slaughter since 2010.

The new report is based primarily on an analysis of horse transport data from 18 states, but also includes a number of state and local studies, as well as studies conducted by the U.,S.

Department of Agriculture and the U’s Department of Transportation.

The study found that horses are more prone to disease and have higher levels of infection.

In general, the horses were more likely to have a bacterial infection and more likely have a respiratory infection, the Humane report said.

The data show that horse transportation has a lower mortality rate than cattle, which is good news for the animals, said Dr. Paul P. McWhorter, the executive director of the Center for Humane Research at the University of California, Davis.

There were some areas where horses did better than cattle.

The study found there were instances where the horses survived better, compared to cattle.

There were also some instances where horses survived much worse, and they were not vaccinated at all, according to the study.

The researchers also found that when the horses traveled with people, they tended to have higher rates of hospitalization, infection, and death.

Horses in the study tended to travel in groups of less than five people, and were more susceptible to the infectious diseases, the study said.

For the new findings, the researchers looked at data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), which tracks people’s movements around the country, and the National Hospital Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NHAMS), which collects data on the numbers of people who are hospitalized and receive medical care in a particular location.

They found that a horse would have a higher death rate if it traveled with 10 people than if it travelled with 20 people.

The researchers also looked at horse transport by a person traveling alone, and found that an average horse would travel an average of three miles per person.

“The more people that are traveling with a horse, the more susceptible it is to disease.

That’s a problem for horses,” said Dr: Steven M. Loomis, the lead author of the study and a veterinarian at the Humane Center.”

It is important to note that we don’t think the horse is particularly susceptible to disease when it’s traveling alone,” Loomiss said.

This is the first study that has looked at the safety of horses in transportation.

Other studies have found that transport with people is safer than transportation with animals.

In addition, the results show that horses have higher mortality rates when compared to other animals.

In a statement, Phillips said the new report was based on the results of the NHTS, which was used to determine whether horses are a good source of meat and produce, or a source for feed and other goods.

Dr. Michael L. Fuchs, an infectious disease specialist at the California-based University of Colorado, Boulder, said the findings are important because they suggest the U is not the only nation where horse transportation is unsafe.

“These are really important lessons for all of us,” Fuchs said.

“If we continue down this path of animal welfare, we will be worse off.”

Fuchs said the Humane Foundation would be happy to have the study published and is working with the U to conduct a peer-reviewed study.

He said there’s also a chance that the study will be released to the public soon.

He added that while there’s some evidence that horse and human transportation are safe, the U doesn’t make public the results because it’s a federally regulated business.

“There’s a lot of regulatory concerns,” Fuch said.

“I think the Humane Institute is working on that, and we hope to get the results in the next few months.”

The Humane Center said that it is working to have those results published in the fall, and hopes to conduct an in-depth investigation of the safety and health of the horses.

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