How to plan your next car trip

By Kate Wooding BBC News, ParisSource The transport ministry in France is set to announce on Wednesday that a proposed rule that would allow a single person to own two cars in the same city will be scrapped.

Under the proposed rule, the owner would be able to take two cars on short trips to and from work, and to go to the gym.

It will also allow the owner to own three cars, allowing them to travel between two destinations.

The ministry said that while the proposed regulation was intended to allow individuals to own vehicles in their localities, it was not meant to restrict the right of a group of individuals to share their car with another group.

The proposal was drawn up in 2009 to allow cars to be shared between residents of a city.

The minister responsible for transport, Pierre-Henry Brandet, told the weekly Le Journal du Dimanche newspaper on Tuesday that the government was now looking at a solution to the “problem of the right to own more than one vehicle” as the proposed regulations were being discussed.

The car ownership rule is currently in the form of a proposal to be tabled in parliament on Tuesday.

According to the proposal, the person who owns the two cars will be entitled to have them used as long as they can be kept in good working order.

The cars would be required to be kept clean, and they would have to be accompanied by a car wash and a mechanic.

There would also be a limit on the number of cars a person could own in a given year.

The rules are likely to be a controversial one, with critics claiming that it is designed to give a hand to the private car-sharing industry, which has been growing in popularity in France.

A recent poll suggested that 40% of people would consider buying a private car to take them on longer trips, while 36% said they would consider driving a minibus to a job site, and 22% said that they would look into renting a car to travel around.

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