How a Lyft driver’s ride to a doctor could help save lives

How a Lyft driver’s ride to a doctor could help save lives

A Lyft driver in Colorado is making waves after he was featured on a local TV news program.

The ride-sharing app, which allows drivers to pick up passengers, has been accused of running an illegal black market, and the drivers are fighting back.

But what exactly is a ride-share driver?

And what can they do for passengers?

The ride sharing service Lyft launched in 2014, and since then has become a popular option for people looking to make a little extra cash.

But while ride-shares have a long history of making a quick buck, it’s the new technology that has attracted the most attention.

“When you hear that Lyft drivers are actually providing rides to patients, you’re going to be thinking, ‘Oh, that’s a great idea,'” said Steve Fincher, who owns The Driver Service, a ride sharing app in Phoenix.

The company, which is owned by Uber, is looking to build its own business model.

It plans to create an app that allows drivers, like Uber, to earn money from their rides.

“The goal is to allow drivers to make money in a way that allows them to earn their own living,” Finchers said.

“It’s going to give them a chance to do something that no one else can.”

To get the app off the ground, Lyft hired a startup called LyftPasses, which provides drivers with a credit card to allow them to get rides.

Drivers can use their credit cards to pay for rides in the app.

It’s the idea that’s attracting attention, said Finches son, Scott, who has worked at Lyft for about six years.

The company hopes that drivers will be able to earn a little more money for each trip, so they can make more trips and keep more people insured.

“I think there’s going a bit of a market there,” Scott Finchetsaid.

“But it’s not like everyone is going to pay $300 for a Lyft pass.”

A lot of people are interested in what’s happening with Lyft, Finchessaid.

He hopes that people will use it as a tool to improve their lives.

“There are so many benefits to this,” Fischetsays.

“I think the most obvious one is, you get to have a job.”

Finches company plans to start offering rides to uninsured patients, as well as uninsured seniors, students and people with disabilities.

The idea for the company is to give people a way to earn extra money while they’re away from their jobs, but it also has the potential to help people who are sick and suffering, he said.

The Lyft app is being used by people like Daniel Finchey, who lost his arm in a car crash.

He says he can’t afford a trip to a hospital, but he’s willing to give it a try.

“We need to find ways to keep people healthy, we need to make sure we can afford to provide medical care for everyone, regardless of what income level they’re at,” Fifehay said.

“And that’s going be a big benefit for the economy.”

Fifehays job has taken a turn for the worse.

He said he has to spend most of his time working nights and weekends because he has an unpaid internship.

He and his wife, Melissa, were hoping to find a full-time job to support their family.

But with Lyft’s help, the family is finally able to save some money.

They now make enough to put food on the table, which helps support their rent, which has gone up to $1,200 per month.

Fifehs family is also working to save money for college.

He is working with the University of Arizona to provide free tuition for students, and he said he is working to raise funds for a new medical school.

He also has plans to set up a company to help make money for students with disabilities and college students.

For Fifehs, getting the money together has been a challenge.

“It’s kind of a slow process, but we’re trying to get it done,” Fiches said.

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