Which cities have the best transportation?

Which cities have the best transportation?

Transport experts have voted the world’s 10 most populous cities on their best transportation options for urban residents, with Paris topping the list of most livable places to live.

With Paris ranked first, Tokyo tops the list, with Tokyo Transport Agency ranking second and the US and the UK second, with Los Angeles third.

Tokyo, the most populated city in Japan, has more than 300 million people and is the second largest city in the world, behind Tokyo, which has 1.7 billion.

Its ranking in the list is the result of a new poll conducted by the transportation agency that tracks the best transport options for the country.

The survey asked respondents whether they had ever been in a car accident and whether it was a result of the driver or passengers not following the rules, the poll said.

The results showed that the two cities ranked highly in terms of safety and environmental performance.

The poll said that the top cities on the list are in the north-eastern countries of the former Soviet Union and China, with Beijing and Tokyo topping the charts.

The report also revealed that in terms in terms, cities like Singapore and Dubai are the top transport cities in the entire world.

The 10 cities with the best cities to live in:1.

Tokyo, Japan, second in the poll (5,942)2.

Paris, France, second (5)3.

Los Angeles, United States, first (4)4.

Tokyo Transport Authority, Japan (3)5.

Sydney, Australia, second on the best places to get around list (2)6.

Hong Kong, China, third (2).7.

Paris St-Denis, France (2), fourth on the world list of best cities for residents (2.)8.

Shanghai, China (2)- fifth on the overall list of safest cities (2,817)9.

Beijing, China , sixth on the global list of top 10 safest cities for commuters (2.8 million)10.

London, United Kingdom, eighth on the safest cities list (1.9 million)The poll, which is based on more than 1,000 responses, was conducted by a network of experts at the Tokyo Transport agency and by academics at the University of Warwick, the London School of Economics and Political Science and Oxford University.

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