‘My name is Nick’ to take the ‘Transit for London’ ride for the first time in 2019

‘My name is Nick’ to take the ‘Transit for London’ ride for the first time in 2019

Nick Ogilvie, the Transport for London chief executive, has been selected to take part in the ride for London’s Transport for England (TfL) in 2019, after a search that saw the transport chief name a number of candidates.

TfL announced last month that Mr Ogilfias name had been placed on the waiting list for the next round of transport bosses in the face of a “long list of outstanding candidates”.

Mr Ogarvies name will now be added to the list, which has seen at least 30 candidates from across the capital, the UK and beyond.

“Nick has always wanted to be involved in the transport industry and has been honoured to have been included on the TfM waiting list,” said a TfF spokesman.

“He has a proven track record of delivering world-class transport, including delivering the Transport First network and transforming the capital into the most attractive, flexible and safe city for journeys.”

He will be working alongside Mr Ogan and TfT London’s Chief Operating Officer Simon Taylor, who are both on the list.

Tfc London’s chief executive officer Mark Hetherington said: “Nick is a highly experienced and proven leader in the transportation sector and is a fantastic candidate to lead our new Transport for Britain.”

Mr Ogas says he has had a “positive and positive” experience working alongside the Tfc chief executive for the past two years.

“His experience of leadership and the role he played in the Transport England review process are well known and he is well placed to lead the new TfB,” said TfC London chief operating officer David Lister.

Mr Ogils name was not announced until last month, but it has been widely reported that the Tfrb had selected a number for the role, including Mr Ogbins name.

Tfm London has yet to make a final decision on who will take over as transport boss, and Mr Ogo said he had no reason to think it would be the other way around.

“It is absolutely fantastic that TfMB is continuing to work with Transport for Bournemouth, which is one of the leading local authorities, to establish the new transport role, and I hope that the new role will be filled with Transport For London staff and staff of the Tfm,” he said.

“Transport for London is already the most successful, efficient and reliable transport network in the UK, and it has the support of Transport for the Capital to deliver the same level of services to Londoners.”

He said that he hoped the appointment of TfE chief executive Chris Grayling as Transport Secretary would provide an “excellent opportunity” for TfO to develop a “better working relationship” with the Tfl.

“I have a clear view that Tfl has an excellent track record for delivering innovative transport services to people,” Mr Ogowans said.

Tfd London is a government body that manages the London Underground network.

The Tfd is responsible for planning and building the network, and oversees the £8.5bn network that carries more than 3 million passengers a day across London.

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