How to make your own Buffalo transportation trailer

How to make your own Buffalo transportation trailer

This year, Buffalo Transportation is releasing a new trailer that will be used in its new Buffalo Transit Truck.

The new truck will be the first commercial truck in the city to use a new, fully autonomous driving technology called Autonomous Cruise Control (ACV).

The new trailer will be powered by a Cummins diesel and features a range of amenities including a 360-degree camera that can see ahead and behind.

“We’ve always wanted to be a leader in transportation technology,” said Paul J. Travis, chief executive of Buffalo Transportation.

“It’s the next big thing.”

Travis said that the company will have its first test of the new trailer by the end of the year.

The company plans to begin operating the truck in Buffalo City, which is home to the Buffalo Niagara Medical Center, in late 2018.

The Buffalo Transit truck will make its first run on Buffalo’s roads on September 20, 2018.

“This truck will take Buffalo Transit from a one-way trip to a round trip in under 45 minutes,” said Travises chief marketing officer, Brian D. McClellan.

“The company is committed to driving our riders and commuters to the airport, the river, and the city center, where they can get the best value for their money.”

In 2016, Buffalo Transit released its first commercial autonomous vehicle, a truck that was able to navigate the streets of Buffalo in under 30 minutes.

The truck was capable of traveling from one end of Buffalo to the other and from the city’s waterfront to downtown.

“With this technology, Buffalo will become the next major transportation hub for the world,” said Doug Oster, vice president of the state’s transportation department.

The company has been working on autonomous transportation technology since 2014, when the company partnered with the University of Michigan to build a fully autonomous vehicle.

The university was able use a large dataset of data collected by the company’s sensors to develop algorithms to determine how to control a vehicle in a range range of conditions.

“By applying this technology to this truck, we can provide a driverless vehicle that can take the road safely, efficiently, and with the safety of the public at its forefront,” said J.B. Pritzker, chairman of the board of trustees for the University at Buffalo.

“I believe that Buffalo will be one of the first cities to make this happen.”

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