‘I had a stroke’: Woman who lost her leg after falling asleep on the job is proud of her wheelchair

‘I had a stroke’: Woman who lost her leg after falling asleep on the job is proud of her wheelchair

DURHAM, N.C. — A woman who lost both her legs after falling into a coma from the effects of COVID-19 has been named the winner of the 2015 National Wheelchair Association (NWA) Wheelchair and Related Services Award.

The Wheelchair Award is named after a wheelchair person who was injured on the workplace by a coworker, according to the NWA website. 

Ruth Bronson was working as a nurse at a nursing home when she lost both legs on the first day of the pandemic.

She has since worked for the NVA and was working in a nursing care facility when she was injured. 

“When I was in my wheelchair, it was a very positive thing. 

It gave me the ability to communicate with my staff, to work in my wheelchairs,” Bronson said. 

She was a registered nurse at the nursing home at the time of her accident. 

Her husband, David, said the award came from a combination of emotions and hard work.

“I think I was just so excited for my wife to be nominated.

I knew that she was going to win, but it just felt like a big honour.

I was thinking it was so great. 

There was a lot of people around who were just so happy for her to be named the wheelchair champion,” he said.”

She’s such a good person, so hardworking.

I think it’s just a testament to her resilience.” 

The NWA Wheelchair Awards honor wheelchair users who have made significant contributions to society.

The award recognizes those who have overcome serious challenges to help others. 

The Wheelace Awards were announced on May 30 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama spoke about the challenges facing the country.

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