How to find the best transport to get to work in India

How to find the best transport to get to work in India

2 cast member: Kamlesh (Lad)Pavan Raut said, “The best transport in Delhi is the Metro.

It is the only transport in the city and is not available in other parts of the country.”

He added, “When you see the metro cars, they all have the same name – Metro Express.

But, there are some Metro Express cars that are very expensive, like the one that comes with the Delhi Metro.”

Pavan said, if you see a Metro Express, it is the best one because it is very easy to get there and it is fast.

“The Metro is very comfortable, you can move with ease and it will take you to work,” he said.

“The Metro trains are not as comfortable as the ones in Mumbai.

You can’t get a Metro train in Mumbai for less than Rs 20,000.”

Praveen Kumar, the driver of the Metro Express train, said, it was very comfortable.

“It has no noise, there is no smell, and you can see the train tracks from where you are standing,” he added.

“This Metro Express is the most comfortable way to get here.”

The Lad Bible, an online travel magazine, recently gave the Metro a grade of “C” out of four.

It had rated the Metro as a “C-plus”.

Pavan added, when the Metro is full, you have to stand at the back and wait for the Metro to empty, but it is not a problem in Delhi because there is a public bus line.

The Metro Express trains have more seats than those of other metro lines in Delhi, making it easier to get around the city, especially for seniors.

The Lad bible said that Metro trains run on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays, and run every 30 minutes between 6am and 10pm.

It said that there are only one Metro Express and two Metro trains, so it is a good option for seniors who have to go on a journey at night.

“If you need to go from a place like Pune to Kolkata, you need Metro trains and this Metro Express does not take you there,” Pavan said.

He added, Metro trains have a lot of seats and seats are very comfortable.

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