How to take pride in America’s pride

How to take pride in America’s pride

The nation’s pride has always been a powerful force.

Whether it’s the fact that Americans are united by our shared values, or the way that we honor our country’s veterans, the pride that has always flowed through our veins, we’re able to celebrate.

It’s not a bad thing.

But the way we celebrate it can become a dangerous one, especially when it comes to our nation’s leaders.

It turns out that President Trump, the man who has used his presidency to promote his personal brand of nationalism, is at risk of tarnishing the country’s reputation for the good, according to the head of the nation’s top police union.

And the president, who in his first days in office is already facing a series of controversies that threaten to damage his already tarnished reputation, may be heading down a dangerous path.

“I’m very concerned that the president has taken on a role that is essentially a bully pulpit for the white supremacist movement,” National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund president Brian Levin told The Associated Press.

“It’s an effort to demonize law enforcement officers and delegitimize the entire profession.

He has also demonstrated that he believes in anti-Muslim bigotry and that his rhetoric has emboldened others to hate police officers.”

We don’t have a choice.

We’ve got to do something about it.

And we need to hold him accountable for his actions.

“Levin said Trump’s actions have been so destructive that it’s now “critical” for law enforcement officials to take action.

The president is facing allegations that he assaulted a reporter.

In his first three days in the Oval Office, Trump has repeatedly criticized the media and called for the firing of the chief law enforcement official in the U.S. Department of Justice.”

In the aftermath of his first major policy win in February, Levin said he was concerned that Trump would try to turn the nation into “a playground for those who have a violent agenda.””

He’s a bully, and we are the ones who have to make sure that we hold him to account.”

In the aftermath of his first major policy win in February, Levin said he was concerned that Trump would try to turn the nation into “a playground for those who have a violent agenda.”

The president has continued to embrace the rhetoric that fueled his campaign.

The first days of his presidency have been marked by threats to put more law enforcement personnel on the street and the hiring of thousands of more Border Patrol agents.

It was only last month that Trump suggested that police officers in some cities should be treated as second-class citizens, which Levin said has a chilling effect on the country.

“There are no words to express the shock, the horror, the grief, the loss of law enforcement in our cities and communities, and especially the loss in our own,” Levin told AP.

“And that’s why I think it’s important for law officers to be on alert for the president’s attempts to delegitimize and undermine law enforcement.”

Lilvens criticism comes as the White House is struggling to contain the fallout from Trump’s response to the Las Vegas mass shooting.

The White House initially blamed the shooter for the attack.

Then Trump said he believed the shooting was a hate crime.

On Wednesday, Trump said it was not a hate attack.

“The shooter in Las Vegas was a Las Vegas shooter,” Trump said during an interview with Fox News.

“That was a political attack.

That was a terrible political attack by Democrats.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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