How to keep your car safe on the road in Jerusalem

How to keep your car safe on the road in Jerusalem

By Maayan Shuvalu,The Jerusalem PostThe car can be a lifesaver, especially in a city where traffic is so chaotic and dangerous.

But it also has a lot of danger.

The first thing you need to do when driving in Jerusalem is to make sure your vehicle is secure and is not open to theft.

You should always keep a few things in your car: the battery pack, the brake pedal, the engine, and the engine oil.

But if your vehicle has the headlights off and you are not driving in an urban area, you can’t always take care of those things, because it can be very difficult to spot someone driving on a dark road.

To keep your vehicle safe, make sure you carry your cell phone, and always keep the windows up.

If you do need to park your car, do it at a parking lot, and avoid leaving it unattended.

You should always carry your phone, camera, wallet, and other valuables in your trunk.

When you get into the car, take care not to break the window or the doors.

You could fall on your head and hurt yourself.

If the car is going to be used for heavy traffic, make certain it is locked and that the ignition key is not in the ignition.

It is very easy to hit someone who is behind the wheel, so you should always make sure the keys are in your pocket.

If you do break the glass, you should put a large cloth on the glass to make it easier to repair it.

The only way you will hurt yourself or anyone else is if you do it with a heavy object.

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