When US military transports ‘looters’ on planes, it’s a problem

When US military transports ‘looters’ on planes, it’s a problem

Transport management systems, also known as cargo management systems or CMS, are used to control cargo transportation.

They are used by the military and other agencies, like airports and railways, to track the movement of cargo.

The U.S. Air Force says it uses about 2.3 million CMS systems to manage cargo movements on its fleet of 7.5 million airplanes.

CMS systems can help reduce costs for the military, by allowing more troops to fly more often.

But some analysts say the military’s use of CMS could be a threat to public safety.

In the U.K., the Government is considering legislation to require airlines to monitor the movement and performance of C.M.S.-equipped cargo ships, said David Cameron, an analyst with the Institute of Directors.

“This may well create a public safety risk, and in any case we would want to be able to monitor those movements, if they are deemed safe,” Cameron said.

Another C.

S system, called the Global Positioning System, has become a target of some U.N. experts, because of its location in places like Syria.

Its use by the U:re military has led to accusations of U.NSight, an international network of monitoring cameras that monitors the movement, movement and use of cargo ships in conflict zones.

An investigation by the British government found the Global Network of Maritime Surveillance cameras were being used to track shipments.

The U.:re military declined to comment.

But in a statement, the U.:s Department of Defense said it takes “all possible measures to ensure that the safety of our personnel and cargo is protected.”

The statement did not address the C.MS systems.

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