How to get rid of mercury pollution in your car

How to get rid of mercury pollution in your car

On a typical morning, the mercury in the air is about a tenth of a gram per cubic metre.

A typical car is about half that.

A full-sized tank of mercury-contaminated air from the mercury-containing air filter in a car will contain about a quarter of a cubic metre of mercury.

When the car is idling, it contains about 0.5 per cent of the recommended daily dose of mercury per person.

It can be difficult to identify a car’s mercury contamination levels because it is a relatively new pollutant.

If you are unsure of your car’s exposure, try to identify the area in which the air conditioner is located, such as the glove box, and then look at the area where the air filter is located.

The area that is contaminated is often the one that is closest to your vehicle, and so, if you are in a hot car, look at it from a distance to determine if it is in the affected area.

Check your car window regularly to ensure that you are not breathing mercury fumes from the windows.

Check the air quality of the area by checking the air pressure, humidity and temperature.

If your car is parked near a power plant, check the air temperature in that area and see if the mercury is reaching your car.

If it is not, try checking the mercury levels in your home, such that the air in your house has a mercury concentration of about 10 per cent.

If the air inside your house is not in a high mercury concentration, then you may want to consider moving out.

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