When it comes to cars, the US is behind Europe in terms of transit times

When it comes to cars, the US is behind Europe in terms of transit times

When it came to transportation, Europe’s transport system ranked first for passengers per kilometre.

That’s about 1.7 more people per kilometer than the US.

But the US had a lot more people travelling in cars per person.

According to Transport and Transport Research Institute (TTI), US car travel took the longest time per kilometleter in 2030.

And the US also ranked the most congested.

The US had about 1,200 people per mile on average.

But in 2030, that number dropped to 718, according to the data.

TTI, a UK-based organisation, has compiled the figures in an annual report called ‘Transportation in 2030’.

It looked at the transportation system in the US, UK and Canada.

Here are some of its findings: In 2030, the United States had the most vehicles per person, followed by the UK at 3.9 and Canada at 3 per cent.

That was the slowest rate of change since the 1950s.

The UK and the US ranked among the countries with the lowest average per capita traffic, which was up to 1.6 cars per 100 people in 2030 from 1.2 in 2020. 

The US was also the only country in which people were more likely to travel via transit.

In 2030 in the United Kingdom, people spent 1.3 per cent of their incomes on transit.

By comparison, in 2030 in Canada, people spend 1.4 per cent on transit and 0.9 per cent in cars.

In the US the figure was 1.1 per cent and 0 per cent respectively.

The report also found that the US was a world leader in terms to the number of passengers per vehicle.

US cars were the fastest in the world in 2030 compared to 2030 in 2030 for the UK, which had the fastest average per-vehicle traffic.

However, that’s not all that’s surprising given that the United State has a high proportion of high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes.

According, the report, more than half of the people travelling on US roads were travelling with a HOV lane.

The researchers looked at data from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and found that in 2030 the number in HOV lanes was 1,539,200 vehicles.

The figure was about 1 per cent higher than in 2030 but lower than in 2010.

However in 2030 when the US accounted for almost half of HOV use, it had the highest average per person traffic of any country, according the report.

The data showed that the number per capita of vehicles travelled in the U.S. in 2030 was slightly higher than the average per vehicle traffic of all other countries.

The United States also ranked in the top 10 of the OECD for per capita transportation by road use, at 1.16.

In 2020, the average annual per capita road use in the OECD was 1 per 100 residents.

The USA also ranked as the most traffic-oriented country in 2030 by a wide margin, with about 5 per cent more people using the roads than in 2020 and a further 1 per 200 inhabitants.

The average daily traffic on US highways in 2030 ranged from 2.9 to 3.3 vehicles per 100 inhabitants.

In Canada, the figure in 2030 per capita was 0.8.

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