How to avoid traffic jams by taking the bus

How to avoid traffic jams by taking the bus

Transportation planners and planners are being asked to rethink the way we get around our cities.

They’re asking how we make roads safer, reduce pollution and boost productivity.

Here’s what to look for and how to navigate the maze.


Get off the beaten path: There are no shortcuts to safety.

Even when you’re in the right place at the right time, traffic jams will happen.

If you have a car, make sure you’re able to pull off a quick detour.

For the sake of the public, we’d encourage people to avoid major roads and streets in the center of cities.

It may take longer for traffic to clear, but the result is less traffic congestion.


Pay attention to the traffic: Consider where you’re going, what traffic is coming from and where it’s coming from.

Consider your surroundings, and make sure that traffic doesn’t block your way.

It could be a busy street, a busy shopping mall, or a busy intersection.


Check your route ahead: Take the bus, walk, bike, or take a cab.

You’ll probably find a different route depending on where you live, but these can be useful tools to keep in mind.


Keep your eye on the road: Even if you’re not driving, you can still make sure your eyes are on the roads ahead.


Get more creative with your approach: The way you get around can make a big difference in traffic and pollution.

Make use of parking, stop signs and crosswalks.

Don’t rely on a single strategy for making a trip.

Instead, plan a trip that’s fun, unique, and doesn’t have a fixed destination.


Stop at a stop light: You’ll find it hard to find a stop sign on busy roads.

Use signs that can tell you when to turn left or right, or when to stop.


Plan a route that’s safe: The traffic in the road will likely slow down, but you can make use of a safe route, like a loop, loop around, or through a crosswalk.


Be aware of your surroundings: If you’re driving through an area where a crosswalk is located, check the crosswalk and crosswalk markings.

If the crosswalfers are marked with traffic cones, turn onto the sidewalk.

If they aren’t, look for other traffic, such as bicycles or pedestrians.

If you find a crosslane, make a right turn.

If a traffic light is flashing, take the appropriate course.


Pay close attention to your surroundings and traffic: Take extra care to see where traffic is headed.

If traffic is heading your way, you should slow down.

If not, it could be the wrong route.


Be alert for traffic: Watch for traffic signals and other signs that indicate how fast you should be driving.


Be smart about your time: Don’t take a wrong turn, and when you do, remember that you can use the lane change option to go another way.

If your turn is blocked, make another right turn and slow down as necessary.


Keep yourself safe: Take a break, or if you can’t, take a breather.

Use a handkerchief, wipe your hands, or put your shoes on the ground before you start your trip.

If it’s too hot or cold, get out of the car.


Keep an eye on traffic: If there’s a stoplight, turn off your engine and wait until the light turns green.

Wait until the traffic light turns red.

If there are no stoplights, make it a point to check traffic signs before you get into the car or get out.


Don and Angela’s advice on how to plan a transportation journey: Angela’s guide on how best to plan your transportation journey is a must-read.

Angela’s tips for navigating the maze of roadways are also good ways to get ideas on where to park.

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