‘No more excuses’: New state law requires all interstate transportation to include horse transport

‘No more excuses’: New state law requires all interstate transportation to include horse transport

New Mexico has adopted a new law that mandates all interstate transport to include the transportation of horses.

The measure passed the state senate and will go before the full state legislature on Tuesday.

The law is expected to come into effect in December, with the state government set to issue a final rule in the next few weeks.

The state has been in a dispute with the National Association of Counties over the right of towns and cities to set up their own transportation networks, and the legislation will clarify the rules for how towns and municipalities can set up transportation networks.

“The new law will make sure that everyone, no matter where they live, is safe and safe everywhere,” said state Sen. Brian Hultgren, a Republican who authored the measure.

“It makes sure we have the ability to move the people who are most neediest to those who need to be moved, the elderly and disabled, and those who are least able to make it to work, the disabled, those who cannot work because of physical limitations or health problems.

It makes sure that people can travel between their homes and work, between the home and the workplace and all other important areas.”

Hultberg said that since the law took effect last fall, the number of horse-drawn vehicles has grown from about 200,000 to more than 3.5 million.

The legislation was first proposed in 2015, but was delayed by an ongoing lawsuit by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Hultenberg and fellow Republican state Sen

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