MTC Transportation Media: MTC has an MTC app, but it’s not the best

MTC Transportation Media: MTC has an MTC app, but it’s not the best

MTC transportation media has reported that MTC is preparing to launch an app that will allow users to view and interact with real-time traffic and road data from its fleet of taxis.

The MTC App is said to allow users the ability to view real-Time Traffic Information from its 790 fleet of cabs, which MTC claims are more reliable than a mobile app.

With the MTC mobile app, users can see the real-timed traffic conditions, traffic counts, average speeds and a dashboard that allows them to see the actual vehicles in the MTSC fleet.

Users will be able to see real-world information about the fleet including the real time speeds, average speed and fuel consumption.

While the MTRM app is said not to be as robust as a mobile version, it will allow for better traffic management and will help reduce the number of accidents.

It will also enable MTC to provide better safety information to its users by including traffic warnings, road closures and other information that will be presented to drivers in real time.

MTC also plans to add additional traffic information in the future and it is said that the app will be released as a free download for users who own an MTR car or MTR bus.

As of today, MTC does not have a mobile App.

For more information about MTC and its fleet, you can follow the links below.

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