How to get your transportation app on Google’s Android platform

How to get your transportation app on Google’s Android platform

Android is now the only platform on which companies like Google, Google Fiber, and Lyft are building their own transport apps, including those for automobiles. 

The move is part of a broader push to diversify the platform that has seen the emergence of the likes of Uber, Lyft, and Waze among others. 

But this shift has been accompanied by a slew of app-specific apps and features that make it a bit more difficult for users to navigate the system.

 For starters, Google has launched its own version of Lyft, a more user-friendly ride-hailing service that offers its own smartphone app. 

Google also launched its official Lyft app for Android in July 2017, but it’s still not available for other platforms like iOS and Apple’s OS X. Google has also launched Google’s own transport app, a platform that’s much more similar to the Lyft app than the Uber app.

And for some users, Google’s transport app is not the best way to get around in the car.

Google’s transit app, in particular, is more of a travel-tracking app than a transit-tracker app.

Google is trying to fix that with its own Transport Assistant, which is able to offer real-time real-world transportation recommendations based on your location and the time of day.

Google says its transport assistant can also help you find your way around the city, whether it’s by looking for traffic jams, or to figure out where to go. 

As for what Google’s Transport Assistant can do for you, it can provide real-estate-based transportation advice based on the time and distance between your location, the time it takes for a car to reach your location (if it’s available), and the speed and direction of traffic.

The app is currently only available for Android phones, though Google hopes to launch it for other Android platforms soon.

The company says Transport Assistant will be available on the Google Maps app, and is currently available for iOS and OS X as well.

It’s unclear how Google plans to integrate Transport Assistant into Google Maps, though the company says it will likely use Google’s maps API to allow users to make their own custom map overlays. 

It’s not yet clear what Google plans Transport Assistant to do for drivers in transit.

Google, for instance, has not announced plans to offer its own transit apps for the Google Cardboard, a virtual reality headset that lets users walk around in an app.

It also doesn’t seem like Google’s new transport apps will offer a lot of helpful information about the environment and transportation.

Google is planning to launch its own transport applications on Android soon, though there’s no official word yet on what those apps will be.

It may be a while before users get a chance to use these apps, though.

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