How to fix the water transport problem

How to fix the water transport problem

The NSW Government is pushing ahead with a plan to get NSW water back on its rivers, and has signed a deal with a Chinese company to build a second ferry terminal in New South Wales.

The plan to create the ferry terminal was revealed by a report to the Government yesterday, which revealed the Government would be buying back the state’s water supply for $1.1 billion.

The project will be funded by the Australian Water Commission and the NSW Water Infrastructure Authority.

The report revealed the NSW Government would have to invest $1 billion into the project.

The first ferry terminal would be built near the mouth of the Swan River.

It would carry up to 20,000 people a day.

A second ferry facility would be constructed at the western end of the River River at Stirling and Sydney.

It will carry up 10,000 passengers a day, with up to 40 per cent of the passengers being children.

The ferry terminal will be a separate project, with an additional $700 million to be spent on it.

“The Swan River is one of the world’s most important water resources, with its water resources making up a large proportion of the state Government’s water needs,” NSW Water Minister Paul Kelly said.

“I have always been passionate about water and this project will provide the opportunity to revitalise the river by bringing the Swan back to life, by bringing people back to the river, and helping improve its riverine habitat and biodiversity.”

The first Ferry Terminal would be located on Swan Island near the Swan river.

Photo: Andrew Meares The second Ferry Terminal is currently being built in the western suburbs of Sydney and would be a $600 million project.

It has a capacity of up to 30,000 passenger passengers a year and has a total capacity of 12,000.

The NSW Water Authority says the project is expected to be complete in 2020.

The Swan River basin is in decline, and the Swan is already in a state of disrepair due to pollution.

The Queensland Government is planning a similar ferry terminal to be built at the Swan in the state capital Brisbane.

Water has been a major concern for some communities, with residents and some environmental groups calling for an end to the practice of pumping water into rivers to reduce the pollution.

“We have had more than 50 years of the river flowing in a river that is currently very polluted and we have been talking about a major project that is going to be a big environmental challenge,” Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said.

The State Government has also agreed to a $1bn plan to upgrade and extend its existing ferry terminal at St Andrews, in Sydney’s west, by 2020.

NSW has been considering a similar project at the St Andrews ferry terminal, which has been the subject of debate for years.

The Government has previously indicated it would not be building the second ferry site, instead opting to build the first.

But the Government’s plan to buy back the river has been met with strong opposition from farmers and some local residents.

“It’s disappointing that the NSW government has taken this step at this time of crisis, but I think we’ve got to get the Swan to work, and this is the best way to do that,” Sydney resident Andrew Wilson said. Loading

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